To log your steps during the STEPtember challenge, you can either use the dashboard on the STEPtember website or use the STEPtember App. 

On the STEPtember website, to log steps simply select Log My Steps from the menu and input the steps and activities you have completed for the given date.

Immediately after you have done this your steps will appear below in the "My Step Log" section.

On the STEPtember App.

The STEPtember App connects with the following health apps:

  • Apple Health
  • Fitbit

From the 1st of September, to log steps on the STEPtember App, select the Log Steps Option, then tap the 'Steps' icon from the 'Select Action' prompt. You will be taken to the 'Log Steps' screen. If you tap the 'Activity' icon from the 'Select Action' prompt, you will be taken to the 'Log Activity' screen. As per Log Steps, you can log activities for the current day or any previous day of the event, but not for any future dates. Future dates are greyed out and unable to be selected until that day.

If you are using a fitness tracking device, once you have successfully connected your fitness tracker it will appear in a list on the Log Steps screen. To log steps that you've tracked on your fitness tracker, simply select a date then tap 'Fitness Tracker'. If you haven't tracked any steps that day, then it will stay on 0 steps. The tap the 'Log Steps' button.

When connecting to your preferred wearable/app, remember that you will still need to go into the STEPtember App each day and push the activities into the App.